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We understand we operate a valuable service in our community and we take that responsibility very seriously. That is why the health and safety of our children and staff is of the utmost importance to us. See a list of our current school openings.

Please visit our FAQ page. We will make regular updates as new information becomes available.

If you’re an essential worker looking to understand more about child care options & subsidized care in your state, click here.

Our Health and Safety Practices

We continue to follow our health and safety protocols, maintaining a clean environment and following universal health precautions, promoting cleanliness and good hygiene with the children (including frequent hand washing and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and items in our classrooms). We encourage you to do the same at home.  


In general, we are requiring that children and staff stay home from school for 14 days following the last potential exposure, if any member of the household has (or may have) a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. In addition:

  • We observe the children’s health throughout the day and respond appropriately as needed if we detect any potential signs of illness.
  • If your child does become ill at school, we will call you immediately so they can be picked up as soon as possible. Should that occur, please be sure to pick up your child promptly for their well-being, and to help us limit the spread of illness

Overall, the best way to ensure our students have limited exposure to germs is by keeping children at home when they are ill and/or contagious. We ask that you please watch your child closely and contact your physician if your child appears to be feeling under the weather. Please remember your child must be kept home if they display any signs of illness until they are free of symptoms for 24 hours or have a physician’s approval for them to reenter a child care setting. 


We’re following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance for child care providers (CDC Childcare and K-12 Guidance) and their Travel Advisory (

The Travel Advisory lists areas of the world that are heavily affected (Level 3), which will require those who have traveled to these locations and members of their household to refrain from entering school for 14 days upon return. This applies to our children, families, and staff members. The list is being regularly updated.

Looking for Immediate Care?

Are you a family in need of drop-in care? Please contact our enrollment center at 844.422.9533 for more information.

Are you a major employer or corporate client that needs back-up care for your employees? Or a healthcare industry worker with immediate child care needs? We’re here for you (and, as always, we offer healthcare industry workers a 10% tuition discount). Please contact our Corporate Support team at 866.829.0027.

To other Community Responders and Critical Services workers (including law enforcement, firefighters, EMT, etc.), we continue to provide our regular 10% discount for your service to the community. Please speak with one of our admission specialists at 866.948.9610.

Learning at Home

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we recognize the strain it creates for parents, and we are striving to support our community as best we can. One way we’re doing that is with fun learning resources you can share at home with your child. Get started.