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On the Elementary School Path

School-Age-360x360-2Support For School-Age Students

We support 21st century learners on the path to elementary school, but kindergarten is not the end of the journey. Our structured, supervised program for school-age students is designed to provide ongoing support before and after their school days, with education and recreation, healthy snacks, homework help, and more. However, this year, we know there is uncertainty around school schedules, so we’ve updated our program to address families’ current needs. 

Prep Lab

The Prep Lab supports school-age students and their families as they face any challenges and changes in their local school district, with flexible scheduling and even a full-day option.  

The Prep Lab program is here for teachers to guide children through their school’s distance learning assignments, with a device brought from home. (If there is no device available to your child at home, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to offer support.) 

In The Prep Lab, our school-age teachers are available to: 

  • Keep children engaged with their elementary school learning platform
  • Assist students with completing their daily elementary school assignments
  • Share challenging weekly STEM projects
  • Further social-emotional development with character-developing activities from our exclusive My Best Self! curriculum
  • Connect students with their school and teachers, as needed

My Best Self!

Our school-age program is built on our My Best Self! curriculum. A meaningful school journey is defined by character development, as well as academic skills. We provide a strong focus on goal-setting, character development, and independence, to encourage your child’s personal growth (and set them up for lifelong success). These classroom experiences include: 

  • Homework support
  • Team-building opportunities
  • Physical activity

Helping children to become their best self, our curriculum activities encourage children to identify these strengths and character traits: 

  • Compassionate Me
  • Capable Me
  • Courageous Me
  • Healthy Me
  • Social Me

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