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Finding Meaning in Supporting Our Community

In this challenging time, we are committed to our community. Your child’s well-being is our top priority, along with your peace of mind. We maintain a healthy, safe environment, following state and local health authorities guidance, for your child. It has meant so much to serve essential and critical workers, and we want you to know the same stability. Here, children make profound discoveries, every day, on their journey to school readiness. We’re here to guide them, especially school-age students facing a new school year. Education is a journey that can take you anywhere. Let’s begin.



Keeping Families Connected

Open a window to your child’s day with live streaming video of their classroom. It’s just one of the exciting features you’ll discover with SproutAbout, our exclusive family communications app, that enhances and updates the digital experience for every family.

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School Tours: Online or Onsite

Check out your local school for yourself to see all the exciting things going on! Depending on location, virtual and/or in-person tours may be available. 

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We provide learning experiences that explore Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. This unique approach to early childhood education ensures we’re preparing well-rounded children—socially, physically, and academically ready—for elementary school. We prepare children to embark upon their future in the 21st century and to successfully navigate a constantly evolving world.

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Faith Experiences

Pathways Learning Academy was designed to start your child on the right path to be best prepared for kindergarten and beyond. And while we offer a secular curriculum and learning experiences, when a Pathways Learning Academy is located within a faith-based environment, there may be opportunities for short ministry-led lessons during the day.

Pathways School Locations

We’re opening new schools all the time! We might be coming to your neighborhood.

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