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Drop-In Care

Flexible Schedules For Busy Families

At Pathways Learning Academy, our Drop-In Care program allows you to purchase child care in advance. Days are good to use whenever you need them—all year long!

Prepaid Flex Care cards offer 5 days of care, good for one full year. This reliable, flexible option ensures your child will have a safe, secure, fun environment whenever they need to be away from home.

Drop-In Care is ideal for a variety of situations, such as:

  • Holidays or school breaks
  • Parents with part-time jobs
  • Irregular work schedules
  • Needing just a few days of child care

Flex Care cards are available at your school. There’s no limit on the number of days you select and no registration fees. Please call 48 hours in advance to reserve your child’s spot. Use your Flex Care cards one day at a time, or all at once.

If you need occasional summer care, Drop-In Care is great for our summer program. Flex Care is available for kids to have safe, active, and engaging summer days.

Find a school in your area to purchase Flex Care cards. We're here when you need us!