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Before and After School Care

Keeping school-age children on track.

Need a safe place where elementary students can start and end the day strong? Children (up to age 12) will love our specially curated classroom. Work on STEM projects and grab a healthy snack after school or eat breakfast and connect with friends before class. 

Set your child up for success!

Morning rhythms.

Prepare for the day in a comfortable space. Mindset is everything! We’ll put your child on a path to achieve great things with daily routines that support their well-being.

Afternoon connections.

Relax after a day of learning! Your child will be in good hands until pick-up. Children get to eat healthy snacks, play outside, and socialize with friends. This is their home away from home! 

Complete your homework.

Need time to focus on your assignments? We’ve got space for that too. Students have access to school supplies and teachers who thrive on helping children grow their knowledge and practice skills.

Try meaningful projects.

Hands-on experiences lead to a greater foundation of understanding. Try STEM activities to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. When learning is fun, everyone wins! 

Get on-the-go updates.

With access to SproutAbout®, you’ll stay connected to the classroom. Our exclusive family communications app includes live streaming video, photos to save and share, and more.

Need a ride?

Ask your school director about possible transportation from your elementary school.