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A Profound Learning Environment

When you step into Pathways Learning Academy, you’ll grasp why children look forward to coming here each day. That’s the effect that our encouraging learning space has on children. In this safe, secure environment, dedicated teachers guide your child’s development toward profound discoveries.

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We provide learning experiences that explore Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math. This unique approach to early childhood education ensures we’re preparing well-rounded children—socially, physically, and academically ready—for elementary school. We prepare children to embark upon their future in the 21st century and to successfully navigate a constantly evolving world.

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Faith Experiences

Pathways Learning Academy was designed to start your child on the right path to be best prepared for kindergarten and beyond. And while we offer a secular curriculum and learning experiences, Pathways schools are located in a church environment. The home ministry staff may elect to share faith-based experiences (such as bible stories, etc.) with the children for a brief segment of each school day.

Community Events

Throughout the year, we invite families to come out to seasonal or holiday events. We also celebrate special occasions, honor milestones and achievements, and recognize parents and grandparents. We value family traditions and want to bring people together to enjoy collective lessons.

  • Season of Kindness: Children learn important lessons in kindness, sharing, giving, and good deeds through community involvement.
  • Celebrations: We think birthdays are awesome and we love to make a big deal out of key milestones, including potty training and graduating into new classrooms.

Pathways School Locations

We’re opening new schools all the time! We might be coming to your neighborhood.

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