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Great teachers are as much artists as they are scientists. That’s why Pathways supports educators that create inspiring, developmentally appropriate learning experiences. We’re proud to provide our teachers with a robust variety of professional development opportunities—all in service of providing the highest quality education for your child.

Pathways’ Learning Management System: Our professional development tool guides teachers through current training on child development and best practices.

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA): Having partnered with the Council for Professional Recognition, we provide a CDA Preparation Program for our educators. These online courses enable them to pursue a nationally recognized CDA credential.

Master Teacher Program: After teachers earn their CDA, they can enroll in our Master Teacher Program. This allows them to develop further as they discover advanced child development, assessment, and curriculum implementation courses. Upon completion, they become mentors to new teachers.

School Education Manager Program: This unique training program produces curriculum experts. School Education Managers (SEMs) enjoy ongoing professional development and learn about classroom observation and evaluation. They coach and mentor other teachers to ensure a quality educational experience across all our programs.

Our Curriculum

Our STEAM curriculum ensures that your child receives a rounded education with integrated experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

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Positive Behavior Support

All children sometimes exhibit challenging behavior. We turn those challenging moments into opportunities for learning through Positive Behavior Support.

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