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Preschool Program

Immersive STEAM Learning

young boy smilingOn the way to kindergarten, our Preschool program offers personalized learning experiences and lessons that integrate the arts and sciences, through our research-based curriculum, Innovate to Learn™. STEAM is incorporated throughout the classroom, in several ways, such as:

  • Science: Microscopes and hand lenses are available to explore living and non-living things in an up-close way.
  • Technology: For group learning experiences, interactive (and age-appropriate) digital technology can be employed with age-specific apps.
  • Engineering: Robotics materials, plus table-top and large, floor-use blocks, are used to inspire children to design, test, and build constructions of their own invention.

STEAM experiences are also designed around the arts and math:

  • The Arts: Activities offered explore language arts (reading, writing, literacy), visual arts (painting, sculpture, etc.), and dramatic and musical arts (costumes, instruments, etc.).
  • Math: Unique materials and resources—such as tree blocks, stone counting pieces, balance scales, and measuring tools—introduce tangible, engaging math experiences.

Children continue to be guided to achieve milestones across 10 developmental areas:

  • Approaches to Learning: Children develop the ability to use materials in a variety of ways, and begin developing planning skills.
  • Logic and Reasoning: Dramatic play is employed to help children develop their symbolic thinking skills.
  • Literacy: By telling stories and acting them out, children gain exposure to writing and language.
  • Language: Children work on developing basic conversational and self-expression skills.
  • Math: Children work on developing their counting skills, as well as numeral and shape recognition, and patterning.
  • Physical Development and Health: Children develop their gross motor and self-help skills.
  • Social-Emotional Development: Children’s self-awareness and independence is developed.
  • Creative Arts Expression: Explorations of music, movement, and drama help children to express themselves.
  • Social Studies: Children learn how they can be part of a community and they work on developing familiar routines.
  • Nature and Science: Through a focus on object classification, as well as learning about the natural world around them, children develop their science skills.

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