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Health and Safety

Wellness is an ongoing journey.

Here at Pathways Learning Academy, we make it a point of pride to give children a welcoming, safe, encouraging learning environment. We make safety a priority through the use of ID checks and secure entry doors, guaranteeing that only authorized individuals have access to the building. We work tirelessly each day to protect every child, from equipment checks and head counts, to alarms and cameras.

Safety Through Supervision

By using door alarms and cameras, we can monitor the whole school building. In the lobby, our multi-use display gives a real-time look into playgrounds, classrooms, and all the other school areas, on a closed-circuit feed. Our open door policy is something we’re proud of, because we’re committed to transparency. We use these monitoring solutions to enhance our commitment to our families.

From the Start

Primary caregivers for infants, toddlers, and 2-year-olds ensure consistent caregiving and a strong relationship between teachers and children. Parents collaborate with staff to create a defined care plan (reviewed and updated twice a year). Infant diaper changes are strictly scheduled.

Sleeping Safely

During naps, we follow a “Lights On” policy at all times. Teachers always maintain visual contact and listen actively. Cribs and cots have age-appropriate bedding. Babies (up to age 2) are placed on their back to sleep and all children are checked at regular intervals during naps.

Safeguarding Your Children

We guarantee close supervision and accountability for all children at every moment via strict ratio guidelines. To prepare for emergency scenarios, such as earthquakes and fires, we provide staff with additional comprehensive training. Evacuation and emergency supplies are stocked in all classrooms and every school has a specially designed defibrillator for infants and children. At each school, there is a Safety Captain, and state standards are followed for first aid and CPR training.

Health and Cleanliness

Frequent hand washing prevents the spread of germs. Children are monitored for illness symptoms. Parents are contacted immediately when their child feels ill to help prevent the spread of illness. Classrooms are routinely cleaned and disinfected with child-safe products.

Healthy Diets, Healthy Growth

In our kitchen, all of our food items are prepared from our Grow Fit® menu, with the exception of infant cereal and jar food, and all of it is cut and sized appropriately per age group needs. Staff members watch over children during meals and snack times and our menu is put together by a registered dietitian. Safe and healthy food choices, and well-balanced diets, are staples of all our schools.

Toys & Playground

Toys are frequently disinfected and checked for broken or loose parts, and are also tested for potential choking hazards. All playgrounds are secured with fencing and inspected daily. Safe fall zones have soft landing areas for children playing on the equipment.

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