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Toddlers Program

Milestone Development, Learning With STEAM

toddler girl smilingToddlers are filled with energy and excitement, and both are essential elements of growth and learning. That energy is guided into positive learning experiences at Pathways Learning Academy, as children are given plenty of room to move, explore, and discover STEAM learning.

Throughout this classroom, we offer experiences that address the evolving developmental needs of these increasingly mobile children. Their continued milestone development is guided by our exclusive curriculum, Learn from the Start™, across five distinct areas:

  • Cognitive Development: Problem-solving and creative thinking skills are developed.
  • Language and Communication Development: Communication skills, such using sounds, expressions, and body language are developed.
  • Physical Development and Health: Coordination and control over large and small muscle movements are developed.
  • Social-Emotional Development: The ability to interact with others, while increasing awareness of themselves and their emotions, is developed.
  • Approaches to Learning: Problem-solving abilities are developed.

Exploration and discovery are rewarded in the Toddler classroom, in five classroom areas that address children’s various interests:

  • Art & Science
  • Math & Engineering
  • Language Arts
  • Music & Movement
  • Dramatic Arts

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